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Aria Workroom (Dana Flower Cup Set)

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Aria Workroom (Dana Flower Cup Set)


  • The Dana Flower Cup Set is inspired by four-petal flowers commonly seen in our surroundings, such as cabbage flowers, radish flowers, shepherd’s purse flowers, celandine flowers, and canola flowers.


“When I called his name, he came to me and became a flower”
Graceful Flower Tea Set’s design motif is common wild flowers with four petals like rape flower and cauliflower.
It selected the most common and folksy flowers and express their specialty in tableware.
It is differentiated from other tea sets in that the tea cup holds tea in a flower shape, which in turn can be healing to modern people who often feel tired about their daily life.
Moreover, the double layered structure minimizes heat conduct, keeping tea nice and warm for a long time.


  • Material : white clay, colored pigment, glaze
  • Size :
    - Cup Small 75*75*47, Large 87*87*55
    - Pot Small 70*70*100
    - Plate 450*150*10
  • Selection Value : Flower petal design tea set with consistent demand.