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Jipyung Ceramics (Blue White Porcelain Incense Jar)

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  • South Korea South Korea

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Jipyung Ceramics (Blue White Porcelain Incense Jar)


  • Made by a fifth-generation master artisan of court tableware who was taught by Grand Masters Ahn Dong-oh and Han Chang-mun who are Korean Intangible Cultural Heritages.


This is the workof the master craftsman of the fifth generation who was taught by Dongo Ahn, an intangible cultural asset, and master craftsman, Changmoon Han. The scent was created if therewasa good new on family, and classical scholars had fragrance on their uniforms that were used to represent courtesy to ancestors. This shows an old spirit considering about others in the past through scent in a tough world through Blue Print White Porcelain Incense Case.


  • Material : white clay, transparent glaze, cobalt
  • Size : Large 130*130*160, Small 110*110*120
  • Selection Value : A product made by a master who has been carrying down the lineage of the imperial porcelain.