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Tae Ceramic (Giwajip Tea Set for One)

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Tae Ceramic (Giwajip Tea Set for One)


  • Made from quality earth and glaze sourced from Korea, this environmentally friendly tea set for one is free from environmental hormones.


This eco-friendly single tea ware is free of endocrine disruptors,using quality Korean clay and glaze.
The handle of the teapot lid in the shape of giwajip, or a traditional Korean tile-roofed house, adds practicality and a korean aesthetic to modern tea culture.
Therefore, the familiar, generous, and relaxing shape and design of the pottery draws the attention of individuals as the set suits their different tastes amidst the soaring popularity of tea culture.
The practical and premium tea set is also portable as the tea cup fits snugly onto the top of the teapot.


  • Material : white clay, white glaze
  • Size : Pot 100*100*80, Cup 85*85*40
  • Selection Value : Kiwa House, a Korean traditional house, is made into the lid as an aesthetic point.
    Tea cups are designed to be piled on top of the teapot for convenient storage.

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_Tae Ceramic_ Giwajip Single Tea Set

_Tae Ceramic_ Giwajip Single Tea Set