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Tae Ceramic (Giwajip Earthen Stew Pot)

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Tae Ceramic (Giwajip Earthen Stew Pot)


  • Made from locally sourced quality earth, naturally medicinal clay, and oak ashes, this environmentally friendly heat-resistant stew pot is free from environmental hormones.


Heat-resistant tableware which is safe and eco-friendly as it is made with high-quality clay extracted from domestic soil, natural medicinal dirt, oak ash. Kiwa house, a traditional Korean house, is the design motif of the lid and the handle, adding practicality at the same time.
It is made so than Korean culture can be blended in everyday dietary life.


  • Material : pottery clay, pottery glaze
  • Size : Large 370*370*170, Middle 285*285*120, Small 230*230*120
  • Selection Value : Kiwa House, a Korean traditional house, is made into the lid and handles of the pot. Heat-resistant. Popular amongst homemakers.